Filmmaker Marcella Hoekstra has been creating wedding films since 2005. Heirloom Pictures is a small, in-house boutique wedding film studio that crafts unique and personalized wedding films for its clients.

What makes the experience "boutique"? Firstly, Marcella shoots lead camera at every Heirloom wedding and edits all highlights films herself. Also, the Heirloom Pictures team communicates with its clients every step of the way from "Hello" to "Here are your films, Enjoy!".

By keeping our experienced production team small and consistent, it allows for intimacy with each project that ensures quality and attention to detail at every stage. Whether your wedding is "Big City" beautiful or intimate backyard elegance, we've got you covered.

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Our Team

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Our Team

Filmmaker Marcella Hoekstra has been creating wedding films since 2005. With a degree in Film and Video from the Rhode Island School of Design, she has spent over two decades as an independent filmmaker, director, producer and business owner. Combining her extensive filmmaking experience with her sincere love of telling a couples story has brought her, joyfully, to Heirloom Pictures 14th season.

Jeremy Abraham has been creating wedding films since 1998. With almost 20 years of experience, Jeremy brings his talent and creativity as a cinematographer to every job whether its shooting weddings, commercial projects or corporate work. Jeremy has been a member of the Heirloom Pictures team since our 2015 season. 2019 will be his third season as lead second shooter for Heirloom Pictures.  

Jon graduated from Rhode Island College in 2003 with a degree in media studies. Although he's worked on many acclaimed short films, music videos, documentaries, and corporate and commercial videos, wedding videos are his specialty. Jon creates all documentary edits for Heirloom Pictures and has been bringing his creative and technicals skills to clients as part of the team since 2014. 

Lead Cinematographer, Highlights editor

Lead Senior 2nd Cinematographer

Documentary Editor

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

contact us for more info about our work at the MFA.

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What We Offer

All weddings are shot by Owner, Marcella Hoekstra and a Senior 2nd Cinematographer with customized multi-camera set ups throughout the day.
We also offer a full A La Carte menu for you to customize your package.


3 Wedding Films +
1 - A Full Documentary edit of your Ceremony
2 - Intro, Toasts and Formal Dances from your Reception
3 - Your Wedding Highlights Film

+ We also post a 60 second sneak peek film
& video stills the week after your wedding!

For when you want it all, you won’t miss a thing

Up to 10 Hours of Shooting
8 - 10 minute Highlights Film

This package is ideal if you are having your Ceremony and Reception in different locations. This package works well with a longer Ceremony, extended Cocktail Hour or if you would like coverage through the end of your Reception.

Black Tie

All-day Coverage, our most
Popular Package.

Up to 8 Hours of Shooting
5 - 7 minute Highlights Film

This package works well with most weddings and typically covers the day including about an hour of Getting Ready Footage, a shorter Ceremony and about three hours into the Reception with all formalities and some dancing!

White Ribbon

Perfect for the single location
Wedding Day.

Up to 6 Hours of Shooting
3 - 4 minute Highlights Film

This package is ideal for a single location wedding with no travel times between Getting Ready, Ceremony and Reception. Typically this package will capture some getting ready footage and all Reception formalities.

Le Petit


I consider your wedding film and documentary, and rule number one of documentary filmmaking is never to get involved. We will never put our cameras in your face, we will never blind you with lights. We will also never direct you. The fun of documentary filmmaking is capturing natural and authentic moments. We simply aren't going to capture those moments if we are a constant distraction. Your wedding day is your wedding day, not our movie set. At the end of the night, the best thing my couples can say is, "We didn't even know you were there!", that means the couple was allowed to enjoy the natural flow of their day, that means a lot.


Filmmaking is story telling, if we are truly going to tell the story of your day we will make sure we capture not only the grander moments of the day, but also the little things. The look on a grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time, the tear in your moms eye, the flowers girls giggling, the bride actually blushing...we love that stuff. We are a sentimental crew and genuinely enjoy capturing not only the images of the day but also the emotions.


Being a wedding filmmaker is being party of a team, a team of vendors that come together for a couple on one of the biggest days of their lives. Teamwork and communication are so important to make sure that all vendors are allowed to perform to the best of their ability. This is especially important for filmmakers and photographers. We are capturing the same subject all day...YOU! Without good communication we would be getting in each other shots and not providing you with the image quality you hired us for.

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- 2 Cinematographers
- All-Day, Multi-Camera Coverage
- Sneak Peek Video the week after your wedding
- Full Documentary Edits of your Ceremony and Reception
- Highlights Film
- All films are delivered via online gallery for private
on-demand viewing and unlimited downloads.
- Highlights posted on Vimeo to share
- Specialty shots like Drone and Time-Lapse are included
- Customization and A La Carte Items options are available

all packages include...

Contact us for detailed Pricing Sheet & A La Carte Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

Please watch this short video to hear owner, Marcella Hoekstra, answer some of her most frequently asked questions.

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